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Founder & Accountant

Accountant, Registered BAS Agent and Certified Xero Advisor, I’ve been working in the accounting space for over a decade. I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing clients accounts fully reconciled and up to date, hence the business name - Accounts In Order. 

As a small business owner I understand the challenges of juggling multiple priorities and the importance of having up to date financials, in an easy to understand and meaningful format. Few things thrill my soul like a customised profit and loss report which when paired with a reconciled balance sheet tells a story of the business’ journey. 

I’m passionate about getting in my clients corner, helping them gain clarity around their numbers and the confidence to make wise business decisions as a result. I see myself as part of my clients team, working alongside them to take on the accounting and bookkeeping functions of their business so they can focus on the thing they got into business to do. My clients didn’t get into business to become an accountant and bookkeeper, but I did!



Rebecca is a Qualified Accountant with over a decade’s worth of experience in the financial services sector, Rebecca also successfully managed her own small business for some time and understands the challenges involved. Having spent a number of years in auditing before making the move to Accounts in Order in 2017. Rebecca is a very valuable part of the team!

If Benjamin Franklin hadn’t coined ‘A place for everything, everything in its place’ I think it would have been Rebecca that came up with it. Getting everything squared away neatly in Xero is Rebecca’s strength. Rebecca is also excellent at putting clients at ease as she steps them through how to get the most out of Xero.

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